20/05/10: Showroom 22 present their client's latest collections to the media in this exclusive summer 2010/11 preview with a salon show at their High St HQ in Auckland. Featuring some of the best names in local fashion, this was a truly outstanding showcase which was well received by all those in attendance. Although the influences of designers such as Mulberry and Chanel still carry much weight within the world of fashion, we are certainly beginning to see many of these designers come into their own. Featured in running order:


part 1 

1 Jordan wears Juliette Hogan 'Boyfriend' blazer, 'Bella' tee, knickers, Kathryn Wilson 'Frith' heel.

2 Laura wears Adidas by Stella McCartney padded jacket, seamless core top, perf top, hoodie, running shorts.

3 Joshua wears Adidas Originals SS check jacket, luker tee, grey luker chino.

4 Ella wears Twenty-Seven Names 'Sinead' lace dress.

5 Strachan wears Gibson 'Haze' jacket, pants & blank singlet .

6 Veronica wears Ingrid Starnes floral knickers, floral bustier, ink merino cardigan.

7 Jodie wears Charmaine Reveley 'Gold dust frock'

8 Phoebe wears Beth Ellery parachute dress, Alexander McQueen wooden & rope sandals.

9 Samantha wears Bettina Liano tulle sleeve top, leather shorts, Kathryn Wilson 'St Clair' wedge.

10 Victoria wears Sera Lilly 'Chenzira jacket, 'Babafemi' pants.

11 Avril wears Salasai nude knot dress.

12 Jeremy wears Salasai beige 'Reckless pant', black 'Hole in One" tee.

13 Leilani wears Sherie Muijs 'Tailors' waistcoat, 'Basic' camisole & 'Low Riders' cropped pant.

14 Hannah wears Glassons 'Roxanne' floral empire dress, chambray shirt, cracked effect skinny belt.

15 Jordan wears Juliette Hogan 'Faith' dress.

16 Laura wears Adidas by Stella McCartney 'rave pink' golf knit, 'rave pink' golf polo, golf pant.

17 Joshua wears Pool OT zip up hoodie, Pool 3/4 crew, gravel luker chino.

18 Ella wears Twenty-Seven Names 'Blue Magic Patti' shirt, 'Blue Magic' culottes.

19 Strachan wears Gibson painted jacket, 'Juliet' pant & tied up necklace.

20 Veronica wears Ingrid Starnes floral shirt, piped slate pants.

21 Jodie wears Charmaine Reveley 'Fools Gold' jacket & 'Prospector' dress.

22 Phoebe wears Beth Ellery 'Waffle' dress.

23 Samantha wears Bettina Liano white denim shorts, gingham bustier, Kathryn Wilson 'Frith' heel

24 Victoria wears Sera Lilly 'Dakarai' gown.

25 Avril wears Salasai 'Multi' knot skirt, 'Multi' nude blouse.

26 Leilani Sherie Muijs 'New Bordeaux' cape, batwing shirt & button back pant.

27 Hannah wears Glassons 'Carrington' military jacket, 'Venus' NYC tee, 'Raven' military stretch pant.

28 Jordan wears Juliette Hogan 'Ayla' dress, bra.

29 Laura wears Adidas by Stella McCartney perf jacket, smile tee topasblue, perf 3/4 tights.

30 Ella wears Twenty-Seven Names 'Peaches' tuck top, 'Peaches' skirt, 'Gypsy' Patti blazer.

31 Strachan wears Gibson 'Acid' tee, 'Juliet 'pant, 'Brace Yourself & Disarmed' jacket.


part 2:

32 Veronica wears Ingrid Starnes coral pleat dress.

33 Jodie wears Charmaine Reveley 'Rush' frock.

34 Phoebe wears Beth Ellery 'Claire' dress.

35 Samantha wears Bettina Liano 'Mus Waterfall' dress, Kathryn Wilson indigo 'Frith' heel.

36 Victoria wears Sera Lilly 'Dakota' trench, 'Nova' dress.

37 Avril wears Salasai black 'Jealous' suit, 'Reckless' short, 'Fluro' tux.

38 Jeremy wears Salasai denim 'Dot Lovers' shirt, black baggies.

39 Leilani wears Sherie Muijs drawcord shirt, pully skirt & basic camisole.

40 Hannah wears Glassons 'Vick Body Con' print dress, fur hooded anorak, distressed skinny belt.

41 Jordan wears Juliette Hogan riding jacket, 'Jimmy' skirt, 'Belinda' shirt.

42 Ella wears Twenty-Seven Names 'Wedding Album' dress.

43 Strachan wears Gibson 'Date Night' jacket, 'Juliet pant & 'Get Belted' belt.

44 Veronica wears Ingrid Starnes chiffon 'Diamond' dress, vintage lace slip.

45 Jodie wears Charmaine Reveley 'Tuapeka' dress.

46 Phoebe wears Camille Howie check dress.

47 Samantha wears Bettina Liano lace corset dress, 'Alexia' lace dress.

48 Victoria wears Sera Lilly 'Shaka' dress.

49 Avril wears Salasai 'Lace Me Up' dress.

50 Jeremy wears Salasai black 'Lovers' shirt, black 'Reckless' pant.