Working at a magazine is not like the standard 9 to 5 job. A good example was our shoot for the new issue #12 at saturday, time to celebrate the weekend for most of the people, but not for us! 1AM collaborated with George Buckleton (photography) and Clinton Cardozo (art-direction) from the Renagade House to capture 9 pretty looking ladies in a way that is inspired by how people make pictures of themselves in the bathroom after which they place their new homemade pictures on Facebook.
We selected some comfortable and sporty clothes from a lot of cool brands from which the girls got to choose their outfits themselves to make sure they felt comfortable in it and they could play their role at their best! One of the things i had to do was to write down all of the 9 girls names and keep up with which girl was wearing what piece of clothing and from which brand. Later on that information gets used in the corner of every page of the editorial to tell the reader at what kind of clothes they are looking at! When the girls were done i basically collected the clothes again and put them back on their hangers while i had to make sure that i attached the right tags back on them. That is one of the organizing parts, there are just some practical things that need to be done!
Time for some ‘behind the scenes’ snapshots to get an impression of the day:
Picking the clothes..
Typing the credits and taking care of the clothes.
4 camera’s in 1 shot.