Because of the shoot on saturday i got monday off! A perfect opportunity to do some shopping. I came here with only one big bag that could not be heavier than 20 kilo’s and contained only the necessary. I travelled 5 weeks through Australia before I arrived here so most of the clothes i had with me were more comfortable than fashionable! My trip has also cost me quit some money so my goal for monday was: budgetshopping! My self created shopping tour started at the outlet shopping mall: Dress Smart in Otehunga. I arrived there at 12 in a free shuttle bus that leaves from the city centre together with a big bunch of chinese tourists. The bus back to town would leave at 2 and when I took a quick look at all the crappy stores I wondered how I would ever survive the next 2 hours at Dress Smart. After some minutes I got used to seeing a lot of ugly clothes and began to focus on searching the beauties between the beasts. At a moment I even managed to find a quite nice outfit for only 20 dollars total! (See picture above: a scarf (10 dollar) and a powder colored blouse dress (10 dollar) from the Cotton On outlet store.) So in the end it was worth it to visit Dress Smart but i do not think I will go back there ever again.
Back in the city centre I went to K-Road and found a cute flower shirt at Op Shop. Because i am still carrying around a plastic water bottle from Byron Bay i also got myself a stainless steel water bottle with a print of a vintage world map at Iko Iko. Next stop was Queen street where I bumped into the ‘3 dollar Japan’-store. This store is just full of crazy stuff and everything has the same price 3 dollar + 0,40 tax (so 3,40) or 3 things for 10 dollar! The funniest thing I saw was the textile cushion cover you could put on your toilet seat to make your visit to the loo a little more comfortable. Also the pictures of the shoplifters next to the counter are still new to me, I had seen it before in a Chinese supermarket and Amanda pointed out to me that some of them are actually smiling on their pictures! Well back to the 3 dollar Japan-store: after walking around there for almost an hour I bought a little notebook with a french poem on it which i still have to translate. I put my new items together for a photo and surprisingly enough it seems to form a nice color palette!

Shirt with flower print (25) from Op Shop at K’rd, Water bottle (32,90) from Iko Iko and notebook (3,40) from the 3 dollar Japan store!
And last but not least, for the people who are not familiar with the 3 dollar Japan store, here are some snapshots: