My sunday was a typical lazy sunday, i did not really do a lot of noteworthy things, just the usual sunday-stuff: sleeping till late, eating, doing laundry, eating, watching stupid youtube movies, eating etc. One thing i do want to mention is my search for a bicycle! When I arrived in New-Zealand i discovered that I am the biggest loser without a drivers license here! Some people think that i just do not have a license for N-Z and ask: ‘But you do know how to drive a car, right?’ But no, i do not! In Europe you can only drive a car from when you are 18 years old, i was shocked when i heard you only have to be 15 here, f i f t e e n!
But at the time I got 18 I was graduating from secondary school, did not have money for lessons and a license (it cost between 1000 and 1500 euro) and I moved to the city centre of Rotterdam. Since i have been cycling all my life i continued doing that while I was living in the centre of Rotterdam, it took me only a few minutes to go everywhere. The best thing: no traffic jams, no expensive petrol and an easy exercise. They say that in New-Zealand there are more sheep than people. Well, we have the same thing in Holland, but then with bicycles!
But to make a long story short: I can not drive a car. Since I am here, most of the times I am walking, taking the bus or having the luck that someone’s picking me up and/or dropping me off! So, for the annoying long walks to the mall and the sunny days that are hopefully coming soon I really want a bicycle. I am still having a dilemma wether i pick a cheap bicycle from Trade Me or go for a really fancy one from the website¬†, which i found this sunday!
The idea is to sell the bicycle when I am going back to Holland again but I am still a little bit scared that no one buys it back from me or not for enough money! Right now this is my favourite, a vintage style cruiser in olive green (690 dollar):
If you might be interested to buy it from me in 4 months, let me know! (