Sorry for being late with this post, this show was yesterday, but i thought: ‘better late than never!’. Just wanted to write about Kathryn Wilson’s show because it was actually not a fashion show but a shoe show! Before the show we were wondering how a shoe show would go, how do you put the attention to the shoes? That all became clear when we saw the height of the catwalk which was just on eye level. Backstage we had already seen the models wearing black bodysuits so we knew their outfits were not going to distract us from their shoes!
During the time that everyone got seated we were able to kill time by watching the big video screens that were showing us the shoes of all the visitors while they were walking in. I really liked that little funny aspect and at the same time those video’s were also showing what Kathryn Wilson’s show was all about: shoes, shoes, shoes and.. shoes!
Click here to see the video of this show on 1AM TV!