NZFW 2010: NOM*D

At NOM*D’s show we did not have to worry about our seats, the only thing we needed to bring were our feet! When the doors opened we walked into a big shed where basically three settings were set up: a dinner table, a forest and a bedroom. I located myself behind my favorite setting: the bedroom, which meant that I not had a really good view on the other settings but that would be the same story for the people who were standing behind the dinner table. On the bed were laying pillows and a quilt that were entirely made of tea stained bra’s and pannies made by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller. I heard from a reliable source that it took her a lot of time, afford and painful fingers (by pinning herself with needles during the sewing) to create this masterpiece.
When everyone was inside the show could start, well it was not actual a typical fashion show, this show was more a play. Influenced by Gus van Sant’s movie ‘Dogville’ we could see a lot of different things going on at the same time in all those different settings. Dinner started at the dinner table, in the bedroom girls were listening to model Avril Planqueel reading aloud a French novel and in the forest.. well i could not see it that well, but I believe they were hanging a rope in the tree to go hang someone. While the dinner at the dinner table was starting to get out of hand a girl (singer Rebekah Davies) climbed up on the crushed car and started to sing a beautiful song. Sadly enough I had to view her from behind but at every down side there is an up: there was a camera crew that was allowed to move around the settings so I will watch it really soon at home again! 1AM TV has also scored some nice video footage which will be coming really soon. During this impressive play I was so busy catching up on everything that was going on and taking photos of it that I actually did not really see the clothes that well. But I think the total vibe and atmosphere of the show were more important, this was just a great example of adding a story to a collection of clothes! I think this was the most impressive show until now, I wonder if the next shows are able to top this one!
Click here to see the video of this show on 1AM TV!