While we got seated for Sera Lilly’s show we immediately noticed something mysterious: a big curtain was already hiding something in the middle of the catwalk. When I passed it I accidentally felt an arm and knew that there were models already standing behind it. After a little intro movie the curtain suddenly dropped and yes there they were! We got treated by a bunch of models in beautiful outfits all together at one catwalk. It was a nice surprise but at the same time a lot to look at so luckily after that we also got to see the outfits individually just like in ‘a standard fashion show’. Another special aspect about Sera Lilly’s show were those models, who were not actually models but girls who were street casted, so: ‘real people’! But well, still really pretty..
I had the luck to sit next to the youngest (and at the same time cutest) fashion week visitor, this little girl was more interested in my camera than in the actual show and i do not blame her because the camera loved her too! Another stylish young kid was Sera Lilly’s son, I really liked the t-shirt of this little man which was saying ‘I’M SO FASHION’. Haha!
Click here to see the video of this show on 1AM TV!