Stolen Girlfriends Club’s show was held at the beautiful Mercury Theatre which was surprisingly enough never used before for a fashion show! While I had troubles that morning going backstage at Twentysevennames at Stolen Girlfriends Club it was no problem! It was a little crowded backstage but everyone was so nice, such a relieve! I was glad that I could capture the cool cigarette earrings at close quarters instead of trying to photograph them from my seat in the audience. They were apparently meant to be used as badges for in the model’s hair but one model had the great idea to put it in her ears and some others decided to follow this example! The guys were having lipstick kisses in their necks or a blue eye. I really liked those little details that were referring to the theme of the show which was ‘Last night’s Party’.
Starting with some music of Britney Spears and The Vengaboys (they are dutch, do not know if I should be proud at that) the show could begin! The flashing lights behind the models that were flickering on and off when they walked on stage were really awesome! From the yelling and applauding to some specific models you could tell that there were a lot of friends in the audience. Overall there was such a good atmosphere during this show, guess that everyone really loves Stolen Girlfriends Club. And I must say: they are now one of my new favorites too : )!
Click here to see the video of this show on 1AM TV!