The Zambesi show was the one which I was looking forward to see the most. Since I have been here for only 3 weeks now I do not know all the New-Zealand designers that well yet but I heard good things about Zambesi. The fact that it was the last show of the day and also off site made me think that it probably was going to be pretty special.. This off site location turned out to be a car park which added a really industrial atmosphere to the show. It was a little bit cold in this huge building but backstage there were heaters for the models to keep them warm. During my sneak peek backstage I already spotted Samantha Harris (who I already heard a lot about at home because of her being the first Aboriginal top model) and the cover star for our latest issue #12 Ella Verberne (she was in a lot of shows today!). Together with all the other models they formed a really cool model army on the amazingly long runway.
At the end of the show everyone got treated with a nice snack, toast with tapenade, at least, that is what i thought. It turned out to be vegamite! Someone had to tell me that, I did not even notice, so that was my first time eating vegamite, it was not as bad as i thought it was! There was also the ‘Zamboosi’ bar (i liked the word play) to get some drinks for the after party. I could not stay long at that one because I had some blogging to do. There were probably a lot of famous people to photograph but I have no idea (yet) who everyone is!  I did spot America’s Next Top Model though, well with a little help (someone was so nice to tell me who she was when I was wondering who the stunning long dark girl was). She is called Krista White and is the winner of cycle 14 (I just had to google that, I stopped watching after cycle 4, so now i am kind of up to date again!). And last but not least I spotted the coolest hat ever!
Click here to see the video of this show on 1AM TV!