This saturday I went visiting Ponsonby’s annual market day. The flyer of this event told me that it was going to be ‘not your everyday shopping day’. That was actually true, especially the live entertainment added a cosy atmosphere to Ponsonby Road! Normally you will probably not have the luck to see a a lot of cool bands playing outside on the street like on this day!  I had never been in Ponsonby before (except for some quick drive throughs when we were going from showroom to showroom) and I really liked it! It has the atmosphere of a little village with all the nice boutiques and cafes but at the same time you are still in the city centre of Auckland! Unfortunately the day ended with a lot of rain and wind – poor people who had to stay outside at their stalls all day – and poor me for ending up with a broken umbrella.








Back home with the bus! I really like it by the way that everyone says ‘thank you’ to the driver when they get out off the bus, that is so polite! So I am doing that too now, but only when the driver was nice to me ;)