Last labour weekend was the perfect opportunity to make my first weekend trip. Destination: Great Barrier Island. On our way there with the ferry someone already told us that it was going to be ‘a life changing experience’. I thought that was a little bit exaggerated but in the end I kind of agreed. Apart from all the beautiful views it was mostly the life on the island that really impressed me. Great Barrier Island has no mains power, water supply, sewage system or streetlights. The people who live there have to use alternative energy systems like generators or solar power. Lots of them are also growing their own food since a lot of stuff in the supermarket is expensive because it has to be brought there by ferry.
We were staying at the lovely Crossroads Lodge and the minute we walked in we were already welcomed by a Dutch lady who was working there. It is so typical that no matter where in the world you are you always seem to bump into Dutch people, they are everywhere! Our transport for that weekend was the ultimate island car: a convertible! The ugliest convertible I have ever seen, but still: a convertible! And also the only car that was left at the rental company.. Next day we found out why because it already broke down. Luckily enough the island is so small and personal that it was easy to get rides from other people so we still managed to get to places!
I really enjoyed this weekend and I can recommend everyone to go there, shame on you if you are a Kiwi and never have been to ‘GBI’ ; ) Thanks to the sun I could show off my new high waisted Glassons bikini and even got a little tan. A souvenir which I am not so happy with are my 50 mosquito bites.. scratch scratch.