Last wednesday it was time for some after work fun; I went to a bingo at Cassette 9. This was not just a normal bingo but a so called ‘Bitchin’ Bingo’, hosted by Bingo Mistress Viv. By rhyming the numbers to some weird/funny/provoking quotes like ‘51, gonorrhea is not fun’ she made it a lot less dull then the nana bingo version. Prize’s that were given away were things like cinema vouchers, 25 dollar to spend on drinks at cassette, a billabong cap, a meat pack etc. Unfortunately I did not have the luck to win any of those things but who knows maybe next time? If you want to try once too you can check the Bitchin’ Bingo facebook page for the next Bingo nights and their locations. Watch out though, the taste of winning can be addictive ; )