Today 1AM had set up a stall again at the Cassette Super Markets. For me it was the first time I was there. I really love these crafty vintage markets, so if you have not been there before you should definitely go sometime (every saturday 12-5). The location is Cassette 9, Vulcan Lane in Auckland! This bar/restaurant/nightclub is a really nice place on itself already. Funny thing is that they serve shots there out of teapots. That is something I just thought they do around here because I saw it in the World Bar in Sydney too. But both places happen to be from the same owner so that is why! Think I am going to introduce that at home too!
It was a little bit of a bummer that it was not really crowded today, a shame because we were selling dresses for amazing prices! 1 for 10 dollar and 3 for 20! No wonder that I ended up picking 3 dresses myself from our own stall haha. I also got a really cute knitted bow necklace from Kute Kiwi. Another purchase that I am really happy with is a skirt that is short at the front and really long at the back from ELK. They also had a lot of cute rings, cards and delicious smelling teacup candles. On their website I saw that the next market they are going to be at is the Crafternoon Tea Craft Market, which sounds as a really cute market too! It is held at saturday 16th of October from 10 to 2 at the Methodist Church Hall at the corner of Sandringham and New North Roads in Kingsland, Auckland! So if you do not have any plans yet for next saturday you could do your own market tour, starting with the Crafternoon Tea Craft Market and ending at Cassette Super markets!




Cupcakes from Sweet Surrender.

Knit bow necklace from Kute Kiwi.


Rings and tea cup candle from ELK.

Skirt from ELK.

Je Suis Vintage dresses from our own stall.