Today my bicycle got delivered finally! It is the one I was talking about before from Beach Bikes. One problem though, it still has to be put together. I managed to get some parts together but some things just do not make sense to me. The fact that there is no manual coming with it is also not really helping. Right now my fingers hurt a little from turning the stiff screws. I am a little bit done with it now, Amanda just called it the ‘bike blues’. Important things that still have to be fixed are the breaks and the steering-wheel. But Glenn is coming back soon, he will probably have the skills!
I hope I will be able to cycle home today (without getting lost).. To be continued!
The process so far:



I got home safely! Glenn installed the last important pieces in a blink of an eye. The bike tour took me 45 minutes, mainly because of a lot of stopping at traffic lights but I also had to go walking twice because the hills were just too steep. A mountain bike would probably have been better but this one is just so nice to cruise on! Now it will only take me 5 minutes to go for groceries at the shopping mall instead of walking 15 minutes, yihaa!