Guess I was not the only one who was exhausted after fashion week. I did not even go to the fashion weekend (shame on me) due to the fashion overkill of the days before. I had a whole lot of sleep that weekend and during the moments I was awake I was enjoying ‘il bel far niente’ (italian for the beauty of doing nothing). Well I actually did do something, I gave myself an answer to the famous question: ‘What’s in the (goodie)bag?’. It is probably not the most classy thing to do but I displayed my goodies collection and took a photo of it. Mostly to make the home front jealous (Dutch people are known for loving stuff that is FREE, but who does not?) and for keeping the memory of this insane busy but enjoyable week! Think it will not be necessary anymore to buy any new hair-, beauty- or nailproducts for my entire next 5 months stay in New Zealand. With the redbull stock I have now I will also definitely make it until the next month ; )
So after my weekend of relaxation I was totally ready to start fresh again at the 1AM office. Since the new issue 12 is out we had to start sending tear sheets to all the models, photographers, stylists, brands etc. who contributed to the latest issue! I always thought that you had to look it up yourself if your work got published so I think it is nice that 1AM is already sending it out to the right persons themselves. It costs quiet some time but apart from that it is an easy way to stay on good terms with your contributors I think.
The fact that I thought to be ready for the workingweek again seemed not totally true in the end. Tuesday and wednesday I ended up knocked down at bed again. Extremely tired, nauseous and having hot flashes (but then without the menopause). Think I do not have to say more, there are more people who are suffering from strange fevers/viruses that seem to be hanging in the air these days. Today I felt better again and was ready for the little 1AM adventure to the North Shore. We visited Lonely Hearts and saw their beautiful new winter 2011 collection, which seemed summer to me because of some short pants and tops but it is confusing for me here anyway because all the seasons are upside down from what I am used to at home! After that we went to the Department Store.. yeey finally! I wanted to go there for a long time but had not made it yet because it is a little bit out of town. We drank some lovely tea and coffee in the tea room and I had a really good ’sticky date & cardamon cake’ which I actually already finished before thinking about making a picture of it (i like making pictures of good food). Luckely I just spotted them on the Department Store’s website, see them here! As they already say: ‘Get in quick before they’re all gobbled up!’