In 2008 Casio’s G-shock watch celebrated its 25th anniversary and because of that they started their ‘SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR‘ in 2009. After visiting 12 cities worldwide (New York, London, Tokyo, etc.) last thursday it finally was Auckland’s turn! Shock the world Auckland was held at Halsey Street in the industrial setting of the Viaduct Harbour Marine Village, the same location as New Zealand Fashion Week. The evening started with a presentation about the latest limited edition Casio watches and interviews with David Dallas and Dan Gosling (who quoted that ‘the G-shock watches are very timeless’ when host Jay Reeve of MTV asked what he thought about the watches haha).
It was local band Computers want me dead’s job to get the party started (watch their performance here). David Dallas and Just Blaze where following them up and really made the crowd go wild. Apart from the music there were other ways to keep the guests entertained: you could make some cool photos for free in ‘the amazing travelling photobooth‘ and try winning a watch out of the G-shock claw crane. The night ended with an after party at Cassette 9 that continued until the early (G-shock) hours.