This weekend was actually the most sunny weekend I have seen here since my arrival! I spend a lot of time relaxing in the garden and could not help to buy some new jewelry again, which is really getting an addiction, but at least I do not smoke so that is a good excuse when I feel guilty spending too much money on it. The envelop ring, leaf necklace, beads bracelet, stitcher necklace, typewriter necklace, seal ring and big porcelain flower ring are my new ones, bought here in Auckland. The tea cup ring is from the Saatchi gallery in London, the camera necklace is from Berlin and I found the owl ring in Sydney!
Oh I almost forgot to mention that the gnome really scared the shit out of me when he said ‘I can seeee you’ when I was walking by. Apparently it has a sensor and starts talking (or farting) when someone passes. Good one against burglars!