Yesterday I finally payed a visit to Auckland’s sky tower! It was cool to see from above what kind of world capital Auckland actually is. Since I have been here for 1.5 month now I do know what I am looking at and it is fun recognizing all the streets and suburbs from above. I did not do anything to the photos underneath, no brightening the colors in photoshop or something like that. You just see how the view really was, especially the ink blue sky of the night shot is amazing. The first picture of the horizon is also really cool because of the big dark cloud that is hiding the sun and the horizontal stripe of light it is creating in the middle! These are just some of the 160 pictures I took that evening. I will save the rest to annoy my family and friends with.





From looking at all these amazing views we got pretty hungry. It is a pity that I do not know all the good places to eat yet, I was together with another Dutch girl who is here since only a week so we both did not have a clue where to go! After strolling through town we ended up at a really cute French restaurant that I had spotted before, called ‘Le Garde-Manger‘. The food was really good and with a ’student friendly price’! Can definitely recommend this place, if you have some places to recommend to me, pleeease let me know that will save me a lot of searching and muscular pain from walking through hilly Auckland.