Yesterday I have been changing the lay-out of my diary, it looks a lot less messy right now. It shows only 10 entries per page and you can read the total blogs by pressing the ‘read more’ button! So no scrolling through tons of pictures that are taking a long time to upload anymore! Another thing that was new yesterday was going to work by bike. I improved my cycle time to 30 minutes instead of the 45 minutes it took me last time I biked home from the office. It probably has something to do with the fact that I carried my laptop in a backpack this time, kind of ugly, but: convenient!
The healthy fruit snack (well except for the cream) that Amanda made in the afternoon suited this sporty day. The lunches here are way better then the poor student food I used to eat at home in the afternoon: bread with cheese or jam. I swapped bread for crumpets now and I am also drinking a lot more coffee. Think ‘the coffee  culture’ is not that big in Holland (yet), there seem to be a lot more cute coffee places over here then at home! (Or I never payed attention to it.) All those muffins, cupcakes and other sweets you have here also making my mouth water every time I see them! I still have to try some more New Zealand food, like feijoa fruit, greenshell mussels or some fresh caught snapper! By trying that I hope to become a little more Kiwi and a little less Dutch ; )

Coffee at Cassette 9

Today’s lunch made by Glenn, yum!