This weekend my dutch friend Jordy was in town! He arrived in Auckland to start a trip of 4 weeks through New Zealand. This was the first time that I actually had to show someone around instead of people showing me around! And I have to say.. I did a very bad job at it. After showing some touristic spots around Queen street like the harbor there were not a lot of places to go since he is not really interested in shopping or the museum. It was one of those moments I felt really stupid for not having a drivers license, since Auckland is such a spread out city you can not get a good view of it by only walking through the city centre I think. Luckily I managed to rope a friend into driving us around to Takapuna Beach and back again over the Harbour Bridge to Mount Eden and One Tree Hill which made it a productive sightseeing day in the end.
Next day we spend mostly eating yummy things from La Couronne Cake Boutique and sleeping in Albert Park (Jordy was still jet lagged). We also bumped into an outdoor public exhibition at Aotea Centre called ‘Earth from Above‘ which showed amazing photographs made by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, you can still go for a visit until the 19th of december. After that we went for a visit to the Sky Tower (second time for me) and when we came there we immediately got confrontated with a huge christmas tree. I can not believe how early they always start with things like that and it is also even more weird for me to see a christmas tree when the sun is shining!
Well in the end it was a really good weekend, nice to have someone over from home. We will see each other again at the end of his trip when he has to fly back from Auckland and hopefully he will have some modeling jobs at that time too since he is currently represented by Clyne Management. For now I am switching back to speaking English again and focussing on all the things that are happening around our new issue #13!