After SASS & BIDE’s store opening in Ponsonby it was time to check out Viaduct Harbour’s new bar and dining space Snapdragon. The invitation told us that we would be the first to discover the many surprises Snapdragon has to offer. I have to say they did surprise me when we kept walking from room to room and kept discovering new spaces, the place was huge and seemed never ending. Cool detail was the Harry Potter-esk secret door in a bookshelves wall. The big balconies on the outside of the bar were great too since they offered the best night view on Auckland’s harbour.
I think snapdragon has the possibility to attract quite a lot of different groups of people with different expectations of what a good night out could be. The bar downstairs with the really high ceiling and ivy-grown wall felt like it was meant for clubbing, the lounge-rooms upstairs were perfect to have a nice private conversation and the balconies were good for some fresh air, an amazing view and meeting some new people. Ultimately it was a really good night, although afterwards I was not too happy the next day with getting so much free drinks..