This weekend it was time for a getaway to an island again: Waiheke! While leaving Glenn and Amanda behind on deadline (where is the intern if you need her?) I was on the ferry to go do some wine tasting at some of the 23 (!) vineyards that are on Waiheke. At our arrival we were surprised with the fact that there was an Olive Festival going on, so apart from wine tasting we also ended up tasting some olives, really nice olive oils, oysters, cheese and cupcakes while listening to some jazz music.
We were also happy to see that there was an ANZ bank on Waiheke and that our mobile phones had a signal. In comparison with Great Barrier Island (click here to read about that) Waiheke is just way more civilized. Which did make it a little less of an adventure than Great Barrier Island but it was still a cool feeling to be on an island again but then again still so close to Auckland (40 minutes with the ferry!). So to make an excerpt: if you want to go for a quick getaway choose Waiheke, if you want to be in a different world for a few days choose Great Barrier Island!