Since a few years it is a tradition on Franklin Road in Auckland to decorate (almost) all the houses with Christmas lights in December. One house decorated even more extravagant than the other, neighbors seem to fight over who can get the most expensive electricity bill (I am sorry that is the first thing I am thinking about). Apart from that it was a good opportunity for a late night stroll through Franklin Road and to try pick up the Christmas feeling (it is not really working on me yet with this warm weather). If you are tired from walking down the road and up again I can recommend the Telecom Christmas Tree on Ponsonby Road as a good final destination to rest and sit down. Underneath you have all kinds of comfy been bags to lay on from which you can watch the psychedelic light show above you. I did see some people fighting over the been bags though, so you have two options: be quick and cheeky or be nice and wait for your turn (in this case I recommend the last one due to ‘the Christmas spirit’. Peace on earth.)