Stolen Girlfriends Clubs Dont Be So Precious Jewellery Launch
Stolen Girlfriends Club celebrated the launch of their new jewellery collection with an exhibition called ‘Heavy Metal‘ and a short film by Derek Henderson which we didn’t stick around to see but found out afterwards that this film apparently already had been on youtube since the 4th of november, but I think it has been a quite good kept secret since it has ‘only’ 211 views.
The exhibition itself existed out of some stills from the film which were displayed on the wall, with two uncomfortable models who were showing off the jewellery while they were locked up in a cell with ‘do not feed the models’, bit of a dodgy cliche, and of course the actual jewellery itself which was not so cliché, displayed in two showcases. If you are wondering what this must have looked like in real life, we have a live video from the exhibition which you can watch on 1AM TV. And if you might be interested in purchasing one of those cool jewellery pieces (christmas?), I believe they will be in stores from mid december! Just keep an eye on Stolen Girlfriends Club’s facebook page.