One of the many pre-christmas parties this week was ‘The Checks Xmas Party’ which apparently was going to be a big one! The Kings Arms, also called ‘the city’s premiere rock ‘n’ roll venue’, turned out to be a quite cool location for this gig. The big garden was really nice to get some fresh air and sit down in between the performances. I have to say I did not know one of the bands before (The Checks, Pagan Summer, Street Chant, etc.) and was not sure what to expect but I got into it pretty quick (that also includes falling over by trying to make a shortcut through the mosh pit; big mistake).
I also want to give some credits to the person that putted up the bubble wrap decoration, best thing ever! Made me feel like a little happy kid again by squeezing it haha.
In the end I think this party was one of the best ones I had in Auckland and that makes me even more sad about the fact that I am leaving very soon! So my mission for now is: enjoying it while it lasts!