Visiting Greek beauty Ismini Papa @ Chic Models interviews herself for 1AM. Portrait of Ismini photographed in Sydney by Sarah Rugg. See more of Ismini in 1AM Issue 21 >









My name: Ismini.
My age: 24.
My height: 1.79m.
I am from: Athens, Greece.
I live in: Manhattan, New York.
I am in Sydney for: Modelling work but I also love spending time with my Aussie friends.
My profession is: Model.
I started modelling: while still in high school – I was discovered one day after school.
My passions are: Photography and film.
Hobby: Photography. 
New hobbies: Surfing.
Favourite activity: In Sydney is to wake up in the morning and go for a sauna and swim at The Icebergs. 
Favourite exercise: A nice balance between yoga and viper classes.
Favourite TV shows: Boardwalk Empire, Modern Family, Arrested Development.
Favourite movie: I can’t think of just one but recently The Grand Budapest Hotel, Blue Jasmine, Dallas Buyers Club.
Favourite song: All I need, by Air.
Favourite band: Led Zeppelin. 
Favourite brands: Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone and Maje. 
Favourite piece in my closet: My biker jacket from Rag&Bone and my Grandma’s vintage embroidered jacket.
Favourite ice-cream flavor: Pistachio. 
Favourite meal: Sunday brunch.
Favourite season: Endless summer.
Addictions: Nutella and shoes. Not combined. 
Morning ritual: I wash my face, brush my teeth and make a smoothie.
I don’t leave the house without: My phone. 
Always in my bag: Sunglasses, keys, phone and lip balm.
Beauty secret: A face scrub once a week (Cranberry Gomage by Arcona).
Best vacation: Summers in the Greek Islands.
Top 3 places I’ve visited: Sydney, Bali and Sardinia.
Top 3 places I want to visit: Brazil, South Africa and Japan.
My make-up every day: Moisturiser, lip balm, and concealer (if needed).
My “night out” make up: Matte lipstick or eye tint in a cream form or High Beam by Becca for highlights.